Neighbours Lunch, 20 Sept, 12:00

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My name is Halima and I am a French student in urban planning. For two months and half, I am working on ideas for the renewal of Sofia’s canals.

Vladayska and Perlovska are structuring the Sofia landscape; they have an absolute urban character. Today, they are not emphasized but they have a huge development potential to improve public space and urban life quality.

A picnic will be organized on Vladayska banks to illustrate this comment and to present some of my work. We want to show people how to take over this place which is at the same time mineral, vegetal and aquatic. Our aim is to (re)create urban life along Vladayska and Perlovska.

Together with Martin Zaimov, Olivier Boissi?re and + Architecture we initiate this event.
We hope you will be present on September 20th for the picnic.
Halima Rhaoui“


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  • samodiva , Direct link to comment

    Смисъла на посланието е супер, съжалявам че не мога да участвам защото често си мисля за потенциала а каналите. Ако почистите превода (към български и към английски) повече хора може да го разберат правилно.

  • Иван , Direct link to comment

    Това не е някаква предизборна кампания на Заимов, нали?

  • мит , Direct link to comment

    A трева да си носим ли ? Имам предвид за да седнем отгоре, не нещо друго.

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